Ex- Tennessee Titan Receives Reduced Sentence in DUI Case

February 20, 2020

Published: Wednesday, June 1st, 2016
Written by: Amanda Gentry

There are numerous reasons that can cause the most experienced driver to be involved in a single-vehicle accident. But incorrect assumptions might be made based on a driver’s behavior and appearance when police officers arrive at the scene. A driver may face a DUI charge even if alcohol was not a factor of the crash.

On February 23rd , that was the case for Former-Tennessee Titan Keith Bulluck. Mr. Bulluck was arrested after being found by Metro Nashville Police standing outside of his crashed vehicle on Interstate 65. The former linebacker’s vehicle had careened off the interstate, stopping near the tree line after hitting a light pole.

It was Bulluck’s appearance that truly warranted the officer’s attention when they arrived on the scene. According to the arrest warrant, the officer states that Bulluck had red, watery eyes and slurred speech. But being tired or injured in the auto accident could mimic this type of behavior and appearance. However, many police officers are trained that this particular behavior means that alcohol or drugs has led to a driver’s impairment. In addition to Bulluck’s appearance, the officer claimed to smell alcohol and believed him to be intoxicated.

Recently, Bulluck’s attorney said that he was not under the influence of alcohol but was extremely tired and had been traveling for eight straight weeks from coast to coast. Mr. Bulluck did acknowledge that he should not have been driving due to extreme fatigue and that’s why he entered into a plea deal.

The DUI charge against the former Titan was reduced down to reckless endangerment in which he plead guilty and will receive probation and court order alcohol safety school. In addition to the reckless endangerment charge, Mr. Bulluck was found guilty of Tennessee’s implied consent laws for refusing to take a field sobriety test. He will lose his driver’s license for one year.

Just because a person faces a DUI charge after an accident doesn’t always mean that he or she is automatically guilty. Extenuating circumstances, as in Mr. Bulluck’s case, might need to be taken into consideration and require further investigating to reveal the best course of action.

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