Nashville Marijuana Law Has NOT been decided yet Nashville Marijuana Law Has NOT been decided yet

February 20, 2020

Published: Monday, September 5th, 2016
Written by: Amanda Gentry

Metro Nashville Davidson Co Council Chamber Cannabis Decriminalization Vote

Anyone keeping up with the voting or who saw our earlier post, yes, the Nashville City Council did pass the bill on first reading, but the law about possession has not gone into effect yet. Please do not assume it has. The penalty has not changed and you will not likely get a change in the penalty even if your court date is later than the passage of the new ordinance.

There is good news. The Sheriff of Davidson Co has came out in support of the change, and even though it looked at times that it might not pass further readings there is hope this will pass. It might cause some confusion, but overall it is a change that would save a lot of time which is tied up in the courts enforcement of something which does not seem to be a clear public danger. This will save taxpayers money, save space in jail and prisons, and allow the focus to go onto crimes which are more serious dangers to public safety.The law has not changed yet!

Again, for time being, despite all the public support, the law has not yet been changed. Please do not act as if it has, it is not in your best interests.

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