Tennessee 2016 Law Update

February 20, 2020

Published: Friday, July 1st, 2016
Written by: Amanda Gentry

The Law Office of Amanda J. Gentry Criminal and Family Law Attorney Nashville, TN

172 new laws went in to effect in the State of Tennessee today. Yeah, yeah wine in grocery stores. But there is so much more.
28+ of those are criminal law updates.
10+ are updates to family law/custody/parenting/adoption/termination.
40 of those are related to “Rules of the Road” and traffic safety violations – which lead to traffic stops, which lead to Stay vigilant. Know your rights. Exercise your rights. Hire a lawyer.Listed Below is the Top 20 as Related to Criminal and Family Law.

  1. Domestic Assault – no longer eligible for diversion.
  2. Eligible for a diversion? It may be granted, and you may still do 30 days.
  3. 30 days jail for running from police in a vehicle
  5. Custody – prohibits a parent OR relative from interfering with the other parent’s court ordered visitation as a custodial interference is a Class C misdemeanor.
  6. Custody – injunctions automatically at the time of filing
  7. Theft – $-$1000 is a misdemeanor, up from $500 being a felony.
  8. Drones – can’t fly them around “critical infrastructures”
  9. Simple Possession – as many as you get, no felonies – just misdemeanors
  10. DUI – 6th offense is a Class C felony.
  11. DUI – NO more mandatory trash pick up on the side of the road
  12. Stalking/Harassment – happens on the internet too.
  13. Domestic Violence – if live together, only the aggressor – not victim can be evicted
  14. Peeping Tom? – you might end up on the sex offender registry
  15. Prayers instead of medical treatment? Now it’s a crime.
  16. Wax Law – Weed + Butane = Wax. E Felony.
  17. DUI – underage? Only applies to 16-18 year olds.
  18. Guns – College campuses professors can carry w/permit.
  19. DUI – setting bail? If you have a conviction, they will find it and set bail accordingly

***The Interlock Law has significantly updated – to the point they have added an entire new wing at the Dept. of Safety. Please consult with an attorney that keeps up to date on the new laws if you are convicted of a DUI and need an Interlock.