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Whether it is your freedom or your family, I know how important it is. I know because I have been there. Since 2013, I have been dedicated to passionate, aggressive representation of clients in both criminal and family courts all around Middle Tennessee. My work affects every aspect of people's lives, and I take it very, very seriously.

Every court is different. Every judge is different. I have been in nearly every county courtroom in the region, and regardless of the venue, I am committed to giving you a voice and advocating for you. Whether it's your freedom, your children, or your marriage, I understand that people have rights to representation and lawyers are expensive. I will work with you to make sure that the justice you seek does not destroy you financially.

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About Amanda J. Gentry

Law Office of Amanda Gentry

Amanda J. Gentry has a proven success record as a criminal defense lawyer and family law attorney serving Middle Tennessee. Amanda loves to travel and does not restrict her practice to one city or county. She goes wherever justice demands. If you are far from the big cities and need legal help, or if you simply don’t think any lawyer would take your case, call Amanda – that’s what she’s here for.

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Client Reviews

“Amanda is a great lawyer and person. She is quick, professional and affordable. I have referred her as well as used her as a hired lawyer. I will continue to refer her. She’s the only lawyer I refer to people anymore due to bad luck with other lawyers I have used.”

– Nathan Curl

“Amanda is a Lawyer and she will Lawyer the system so hard on your behalf. If the Rock had stuck with wrestling, instead of selling out to Hollywood, he would also recommend her.”

– Jack Wall

“Amanda is a hardworking and dedicated attorney. I highly recommend her for criminal cases and family law. She goes above and beyond for her clients.”

– Tracie Reeves

“Amanda has been great. She is very understanding and actually cares about her clients.”

– Jim Corley

“I’m probably her most problematic client and she hasn’t fired me yet regardless of my shenanigans.”

– Brook Jolley

“The only attorney I have stored in my phone.”

– Josh Spangler

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